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New Breeders video: Nervous Mary

Video: The Breeders – “Nervous Mary” From All Nerve, out now on 4AD. Kim and Kelley Deal are so cool. Check them out. In the middle of a busy street in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, The Breeders took a brief break from touring to shoot a homemade video for ‘Nervous Mary’, from their 2018 album, All … Continue reading New Breeders video: Nervous Mary

New Breeders video: Joanne

Video: The Breeders – “Joanne” (Michael Nesmith cover) All Nerve is out March 2 on 4AD. “Joanne” is not on the album. “Joanne” is one of my favorite songs of all time. I first heard it back in college when Leppotone supergroup Twister covered it live at Club Soda in Kalamazoo. I was already a … Continue reading New Breeders video: Joanne

New Breeders videos: Wait in the Car

Video: The Breeders – “Wait in the Car” New single, out now on 4AD. Good morning! The Breeders are back with their Last Splash lineup (the Deal twins, Jim Macpherson, and Josephine Wiggs). Pretty exciting. Last Splash is still a great album and its production is so weird and trippy. Not much evidence that any … Continue reading New Breeders videos: Wait in the Car

In Defense Of #fests

I’ve seen a lot of criticism of big music festivals lately. Some of it is valid: the radius clauses imposed by organizers can clearly hurt local venues and the local music scene. And I can’t think of a single band I’ve seen outside that wouldn’t have been better inside a dark club or theater. That … Continue reading In Defense Of #fests

Breeders – Fade to Fatal

Video: The Breeders – “Fate to Fatal” The title track off the Fate to Fatal EP, directed by Mando and James Ford, starring the fine ladies of the St. Louis Arch Rivals Rollergirl team. If you thought Mountain Battles (review) sounded tossed off and underproduced, you’ll probably feel the same way about this. But if … Continue reading Breeders – Fade to Fatal

O.G. Indie War: Kim Deal vs. Stephen Malkmus

Angry John Sellers stirs up some shit with Kim Deal in Time Out New York: You know, [Stephen] Malkmus is being a bit of a bitch in interviews recently. One thing he said last summer referred to me as “trashy mouth.” And he just did this article in Spin where he alluded to me unpleasantly, … Continue reading O.G. Indie War: Kim Deal vs. Stephen Malkmus

New Breeders Album in 2008

VenusZine talks to Pixie-Breeder Kim Deal who answers questions from readers: The new Breeders record is scheduled to be released in April 2008. There are 13 songs. Mando Lopez is still on bass, Jose Medeles on drums, Kelley Deal, my evil twin, on guitar and vocals, and I’m playing guitar and vocals. The songs are … Continue reading New Breeders Album in 2008

Tanya Donelly and Kim Deal – Feed the Tree (demo)

Tanya Donelly – “Feed the Tree” (demo) from her Star Demos, available for free download because she’s so cool. She’s got a virtual (paypal) tip jar if you want to give a little something back. These demos were “originally meant to be the second Breeders album,” and Kim Deal plays the counter-lead stuff on this … Continue reading Tanya Donelly and Kim Deal – Feed the Tree (demo)