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Conor Oberst, Taylor Goldsmith and First Aid Kit – Lua

Maybe we tweeted about this already—I don’t know, who can keep up anymore?—but it’s worth a few more than 120 characters. Conor Oberst links up with “his boy” Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes and the gals from First Aid Kit to sing a truly lovely song on the banks of a lake. “Lua” is a Bright … Continue reading Conor Oberst, Taylor Goldsmith and First Aid Kit – Lua

Conor Oberst – Danny Callahan

MP3: Conor Oberst – “Danny Callahan” from Conor Oberst, out August 5 on Merge. Sounds like Bright Eyes, but it’s his first solo album since some cassette releases in the mid-90s. Why go solo now? Who knows? Maybe Merge made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, and since “Bright Eyes” is so historically tied to … Continue reading Conor Oberst – Danny Callahan

Bright Eyes’ “Cassadaga” Debuts at #4

‘NOW’ Remains No. 1 As Bright Eyes Debuts High: “Bright Eyes…earns its best sales and charting week as Cassadaga bows at No. 4 with 58,000 units. The Conor Oberst-led group had previous bests with the simultaneous 2005 release of a pair of albums, I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning and Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, … Continue reading Bright Eyes’ “Cassadaga” Debuts at #4

Bright Eyes – Four Winds

Bright Eyes – “Four Winds”. This is the third song (out of six) from the Four Winds EP, due March 6 on Saddle Creek, to be legitimately offered up for free download. Update: Video after the jump… Previously: “Smoke without Fire” and “Tourist Trap.” The rest of the songs are good, too. The full length, … Continue reading Bright Eyes – Four Winds

Pitchfork’s MP3 Blog: Forkcast

Pitchfork first created an MP3 page back in the autumn of 2001. But until a couple weeks ago when they rebranded it as Forkast, the mp3 page was strictly an ad revenue channel, just like the free CD that comes with Magnet magazine. Bands and labels paid Pitchfork to post their mp3s. The small print … Continue reading Pitchfork’s MP3 Blog: Forkcast

Bright Eyes – Amy in the White Coat

“Amy in the White Coat” by Bright Eyes from the rarities collection, Noise Floor, out now on Saddle Creek. You can also download “I Will Be Grateful for This Day” and stream the whole album. More Bright Eyes MP3s. What do you think? Too precious or just right? Previously: Bright Eyes Delivers a Classic (Finally), … Continue reading Bright Eyes – Amy in the White Coat