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Britney is Back on Top, Bitch

Billboard: Britney’s ‘Circus’ Debuts Atop Album Chart, making Spears “the only act in Nielsen SoundScan history [1991 to present] to have four albums debut with 500,000 or more.” 1. Britney Spears – Circus – 505,000 (debut) 2. Taylor Swift – Fearless – 193,000 (-28%) 3. Beyonce – I Am … Sasha Fierce – 153,000 (-41%) … Continue reading Britney is Back on Top, Bitch

Steamy new Britney video

Video: Britney Spears – “Womanizer” (uncensored) MTV: Scenes in the video feature Britney lounging, nude, in a sauna, while her boyfriend showers. The ABC version of the clip obscures her body with digitally added steam; the MTV version does not. Obviously there are no explicit shots in the video, but MTV’s is certainly more provocative. … Continue reading Steamy new Britney video

Britney's Mom's Book Deal Back On

Last year, shortly after her 16-year-old daughter got knocked up, Lynne Spears lost her book deal. Well, it looks like the deal is back on, since Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World is due next week from Christian publisher Thomas Nelson. Originally titled Pop Culture Mom: A … Continue reading Britney's Mom's Book Deal Back On

Britney’s Mom Loses Book Deal

Reuters says: A Christian publisher said on Wednesday it has called off a parenting book written by Lynne Spears — the mother of troubled pop star Britney Spears and her pregnant 16-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn. […] The working title for the book was “Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a … Continue reading Britney’s Mom Loses Book Deal

Billboard Boosts Eagles, Bumps Britney

In a last-minute decision Bilboard magazine revised its chart policy to allow the Eagles to debut at #1 over Britney Spears’ new album. Without this change, the Eagles wouldn’t have charted at all because their album is only for sale at Wal-Mart. In consultation with Nielsen SoundScan, Billboard will now allow exclusive album titles that … Continue reading Billboard Boosts Eagles, Bumps Britney

It’s Britney, Bitch

It’s not cool to pile on, I know, but anyone who saw the MTV music awards is talking about the same thing: What the fuck happened to Britney Spears? Like all MTV Music Awards openers, this was hyped to be “amazing” and “shocking” and a triumphant return for who was once the bread and butter … Continue reading It’s Britney, Bitch

When Dirtballs Attack – K-Fed Disses Brit

In the opening salvo of what is sure to be an entertaining tabloid dishfest, Kevin Federline talks trash about Britney Spears’ new romantic fling—literally. Asked about his thoughts on news that Brit and musician Howie Day’s recent sleepover, K-Fed snapped back with a zinger by imparting the sage word, “you have to head to the … Continue reading When Dirtballs Attack – K-Fed Disses Brit

Expert P.R. advice for Britney

Public relations gurus Lizzie Grubman, Ronn Torossian, and Matthew Traub tell Britney Spears how to handle her press issues: “Showing a little motherly love would be appropriate, but I don’t think that is the only silver bullet. It’s a mix of showing yourself to be a rational human being, which is not something she has … Continue reading Expert P.R. advice for Britney

Britney Files For Divorce

The AP is reporting that Britney Spears has filed for divorce from Kevin Federline. This just one day after Ms. Spears’ surprise visit to Late Night with David Letterman and in the same week that the Federlines’ suit against a tabloid claiming the two were worried that a purported sex tape could surface was tossed. … Continue reading Britney Files For Divorce