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Colorfully Filthy Lucre

Quick: What do Madonna, Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Pantera, The Who (original lineup), Rob Zombie, AC/DC, Kiss, and Britney Spears have in common? Chances are, the answer that you’ll reach, undoubtedly fanciful, will not be right. If it is right, then it may seem odd that you’re reading this website.

Chicks Rock: No Shit, Sherlock

A friend of mine, knowing my interest in both music and academia, forwarded an announcement of a Midwestern conference titled “Chicks Rock: Women in the Face of Rock and Roll.” My first thought was: oh boy, how obsolete can you get? Is there anything left to say about women’s strong and exciting contributions to rock? … Continue reading Chicks Rock: No Shit, Sherlock

Quenching Sense

While shopping at a local Meijer’s, I encountered a Pepsi display that was centered on not the beverage in its multitudinous variants, but a potentially life-sized cardboard cutout of Britney Spears. (“Potentially” because I’m not certain whether the image was enhanced in any way, although Ms. Spears has suggested that she’s not been so exaggerated … Continue reading Quenching Sense

Turn Out the Lights

“‘If Clive’s selling, you don’t want to be buying,’ said longtime music mogul David Geffen. “I can’t think of a more opportune moment for him to do it. His big acts are all in decline.” “‘It’s a great time to get out,” said music veteran Irving Azoff, who co-manages the Backstreet Boys.” That’s from an … Continue reading Turn Out the Lights


I recently had the, um, opportunity to spend some time at a roller rink. One of my single-digit-aged nieces had a birthday party at one, and so there I was on a Saturday morning, listening to loud Top 40 hits and skater-invigorating favorites like the Village People’s “YMCA.” (No, I did not participate, fearing for … Continue reading Rollin’