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Tommy Stinson: Pleased to Meet Him

His face is an ever-changing map of the rock attitudes...Tommy Stinson has been playing in rock and roll bands since he was 13. Twenty-five years later, he still throws himself into impassioned, no-nonsense performances that can convert subdued crowds into throngs of noisy believers.

Rogue Wave: Turn It Down, Love

EarWhat a difference a few decibels can make! A band can sound great and unique during an intimate in-store appearance, but terrible at a plugged-in performance. Why are sound guys so sadistic? Can’t they hear?

Kimya Dawson: Baby Baby Oh Baby

Kimya DawsonGlorious Noise was almost run out of town the last time we criticized a Moldy Peach. The truth hurts sometimes. Kristy Eldredge takes a fair and balanced look at Kimya Dawson at a recent show in Brooklyn.