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Marilyn Manson vs. Buddyhead

Good old Buddyhead is back to its game of pissing off lame celebrities. This time, they’ve really upset spooky old Marilyn Manson: Marilyn Manson is really pissed at Buddyhead cause we called him a fat cokehead poser. Well, MAN-the-fuck-UP Tubby! Everything we said is true! Plus your last record only sold 49,000 copies so you … Continue reading Marilyn Manson vs. Buddyhead

Buddyhead Gossip Update

Finally. After months of neglect, those mean brats at Buddyhead came back with a giant, 6,000-word gossip update and simultaneously reintroduced the word “jive” into the lexicon as the ultimate pejorative. Welcome back, fucktards! Some highlights… On Jesus and Mary Chain: “Well here’s the bummer part… Besides the Reid brothers openly admitting in the press … Continue reading Buddyhead Gossip Update

Buddyhead on CSNY

Buddyhead/Icarus Line/Nine Inch Nails member Aaron North teaches the kids why they should know and love Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young: “The secret weapon of CSNY were the two dudes who weren’t cool enough or something to get their own letters in the band name, the rhythm section, Dallas Taylor and Greg Reeves.”