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Weird Al vs. MTV Censors

Nothing pleases the seventh-grade boy in me more than the recent resurgence of Weird Al Yankovic during this, the twenty-fifth anniverary of his first hit, “Ricky.” There’s been the profile in Wired, and more recently, the coverage of his release of a parody while the original was still #1 on the Billboard singles chart (and … Continue reading Weird Al vs. MTV Censors

Be Your Own Corporate Tool

Remember those three songs that got cut from Be Your Own Pet‘s new album because UMG’s lawyers thought they were “too violent”? Well, it turns out the label has released them on an EP after all. Get Damaged is out now digitally, and will be available in store on June 24. So everybody’s happy now, … Continue reading Be Your Own Corporate Tool

UMG Censors BYOP

Three songs on the new Be Your Own Pet album, Get Awkward, were rejected by Universal lawyers for being “too violent”: “When I found out that the songs were going to get taken off, I was just like, ‘Is there anybody I can talk to?’ ” Pearl said. “It’s like, I don’t even really know … Continue reading UMG Censors BYOP

US to Dandies: Fuck You

No, not those Dandies, a real dandy! It’s not really music related, but strange and fascinating just the same—the United States customs service denied entry to an avowed British dandy. Yes, a dandy, like you see in old timey books and movies. Imagine Tim Roth in Rob Roy without the sword and a bit more … Continue reading US to Dandies: Fuck You

Google Blocking Video for Big Business

In addition to being a great repository of long lost videos and concert footage, YouTube was always a great place to find embarrassing footage of your favorite stars. There was a wasted Britney sputtering gibberish in a hotel room; there was Hasselhoff sloshed and sorting through a hamburger; Paula Abdul clearly off her rocker on … Continue reading Google Blocking Video for Big Business

CD Baby Explains their Stance on Censorship

White power group Skrewdriver got onto iTunes via CD Baby. Derek Sivers justifies his company’s firm anti-censorship policy: “For every dollar we make selling some obviously racist/nazi/whatever album, we contribute TWO dollars to anti-racist organizations like UNCF and others.” Interesting resolution to a murky dilemma.