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The Ponys: Too Much Too Soon

The PonysThe Ponys were supposed to be Chicago’s next big thing. One year later, they find themselves carrying the expectations of a veteran act, and needing to find that magic element that made them so unique the first time around.

Glorious Noise Release Party Wrapup

Very nice, very nice, very nice...Last Saturday, Glorious Noise hosted a very special party at Schubas in Chicago to celebrate the release of the new Riviera album. If you couldn’t make it, we’ll make you feel like you were there.

Colin Meloy: Sister I’m a Poet

Performing encyclopedic anthems...In front of what may have been the most respectful crowd ever assembled for an acoustic show, Decemberists leader Colin Meloy delivered an entertaining set that was equal parts humor and humility.

The Kills Work Hard for the Money

The KillsTheir arty blues-sleaze has always been captivating. But in a compact and sweaty post-Thanksgiving set at Chicago’s Empty Bottle, the Kills brought real warmth to their red-light tales of grime and passion.

Save the Muffin Lady!

Save the Muffin Lady! People from Chicago will already know what this means, but there’s a little old lady who bakes muffins with special, not-so-secret herbal ingredients and sells them at Wicker Park bars for $5. She recently got busted and there was a big article in the Reader about her. So the folks at … Continue reading Save the Muffin Lady!

Paper Airplane Pilots: It’s Hot Tonight

Paper Airplane PilotsThe Paper Airplane Pilots warm a chilly Chicago crowd with some of the tightest power pop to come out of this area since Rick Nielsen donned a five-neck, checkerboard guitar.

Rites of Spring

Long-time poster and GLONO friend, Helen Wilson, conjures up a little spring fever at Chicago’s beloved Old Town of Folk Music. Rites of Spring The power of music and the change of season breathes new life into the dead of winter. By Helen W. Wilson I never thought I’d be rockin’ out to Sheryl Crow … Continue reading Rites of Spring

A real good time

MTV sucks. We all know that. Shows like the Real World keep music videos from being played, and even though MTV rarely ever played good music videos, hey, at least they were showing music videos. So for that, I hate the Real World. But I have to admit that there’s a side of me that … Continue reading A real good time

What about me? It isn’t fair, I’ve had enough now I want my share: Open mic night

Open mic nights are a pisser. The talent ranges from three-chord Lisa Loebs to MFAs trying to impress their hippy girlfriends with Phish covers. It’s a funny scene and most bars that host open mics foster a certain group of regulars. Tonight I hit the open mic night at Quenchers on Western and Fullerton here … Continue reading What about me? It isn’t fair, I’ve had enough now I want my share: Open mic night

Weezer at the Aragon

What did I expect? I had been waiting to see Weezer in concert for eight years. They’re one of my favorite bands. I think Pinkerton might be the best album of the nineties. Seriously. I didn’t get to see them on their last little tour because I had no idea it was going to sell … Continue reading Weezer at the Aragon