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Monkees Kool-Aid Commercials

From the fine folks of Bedazzled: two Kool-Aid Commercials (1, 2) featuring the Monkees and Bugs Bunny.

Video: Monkees Kool-Aid commercials

Monkees Kool-Aid commercials

Via Monkees Live Almanac. Updated 6/15/2018.

Coq Roq = Slipknot?

Slipknot’s Burger King Beef: Slipknot is threatening legal action against Burger King, charging that Coq Roq was created as a “look-alike, sound alike ‘band’ in order to influence the Slipknot generation to purchase Chicken Fries.”

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Madison Avenue Groove

Madonna's Gap ad“If Britney manages to have as long and successful of a career as Madonna, I will renounce Ms. Ciccone as my Supreme Woman and no longer think about her when I masturbate. Yeah, that would be harder than quitting smoking”— Jeff Sabatini, “Britney vs. Madonna,” Glorious Noise, February 8, 2001

Back in the early days when this site was somewhat younger, there used to be observations on the main page like that quoted here. Perhaps we were somewhat less circumspect.

I thought about that last night when I saw the Madonna/Missy (Misdemeanor) Elliott commercial for the Gap. And although Britney has faded into irrelevance such that her visibility is marked with a certain desperation, a need to get in the public eye, almost as though her doing damn near anything to get some time on “Entertainment Tonight” would not be in the least bit surprising (e.g., dangling herself off of an eighth-floor balcony), Madonna, heretofore, a film career that she ought to abandon, notwithstanding, has—or had—maintained a certain allure.

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