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Be Still My Beating Heart – Greta Van Fleet

I was listening to one of those new music mixes on Apple Music and catching up on work when this song popped up and I thought, ‘This new Heart sounds pretty good!” Except it wasn’t Heart, it was Frankenmuth, Michigan’s own Greta Van Fleet. More on that in a bit. Heart is one of those … Continue reading Be Still My Beating Heart – Greta Van Fleet

Cool Band: Local Natives

I have to admit it’s interesting and a bit unsettling to hear music I revered as a youngster now old enough to have passed through lameness, into irrelevance, stopping briefly as ironic, and now into full-fledged and legitimate influential sound. The late-80s and early-90s were when the rise of “Alternative” was still exciting and subversive … Continue reading Cool Band: Local Natives

Cool Band: Black Heart Moon

There are a lot of bands out there and some of them suck, some of them are OK, some of them are good, and some of them are special. Those who fall into the last category often have a combination of music, image, and personal dynamics. Black Heart Moon may just be a special band. … Continue reading Cool Band: Black Heart Moon

Cool Band: Black Whales

Remember the first time you heard Jane’s Addiction and it was weird and a bit menacing but still kind of fun and light? This is before Perry became a model for douche-y brands that market to douche-y guys like Navarro. There was something so cool about that band that you couldn’t really put your finger … Continue reading Cool Band: Black Whales

Cool Band: Spindrift

I caught these guys when they closed out a night of psych rock at Dante’s in Portland. What started out as a love fest for local heroes the Dandy Warhols (who had just hosted the bands on the bill to an apparent desert bacchanal) turned into a loud and trippy homage to spaghetti westerns and … Continue reading Cool Band: Spindrift

Cool Band: The Jaguar Club

For a while now, Brooklyn has been a hotbed of cooler than thou indie bands and freaky neo-hippies; I don’t know what is going on over there. Maybe that little borough has an unusually high unemployment rate that allows these kids to lounge about making records and scouring vintage shops. Whatever…keep the good jams coming. … Continue reading Cool Band: The Jaguar Club

Cool Band: Adam and Darcie

MP3: Adam and Darcie – “Hands/ Mind” from California Trail, out July 24 on Village Ten, and July 20 overseas on Indiecater Records. Lovely, orchestral pop by a husband/wife duo from Utah. What’s not to like? I hear a lot of middle-period Elliott Smith in “Hands/ Mind,” which makes me both happy and sad, like … Continue reading Cool Band: Adam and Darcie