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Did Obama Violate Copyright?

By now, you’ve all heard that President Obama gave the Queen of England an iPod. Turns out there were 40 songs pre-loaded on it. Showtunes to accompany a coffee table book he also gave her. When I heard about this, the first thing I wondered was whether or not the RIAA was going to go … Continue reading Did Obama Violate Copyright?

Techdirt vs. ASCAP (Round 2)

Six months ago, we linked to a Techdirt article wherein Blaise Alleyne challenged the premises of ASCAP’s “Bill of Rights” for Songwriters. One of our regular commenters immediately rebutted Alleyne’s arguments (“That post is BS and uses disingenuous comparisons to make untenable points.”). It took him a while, but Alleyne finally responded: The problem with … Continue reading Techdirt vs. ASCAP (Round 2)

RIAA Loses Another Filesharing Trial

Well, the RIAA didn’t technically lose the trial, but a federal judge declared a mistrial and threw out the verdict against a Kazaa user who had been ordered to pay the recording industry $222,000 for allegedly sharing music online: U.S. District Judge Michael Davis of Duluth, Minn., declared a mistrial in the case against Thomas, … Continue reading RIAA Loses Another Filesharing Trial

Wanna Buy Some Promo CDs? It's Legal!

Remember that case we told you about a few months ago where UMG claimed that it was illegal for recipients of promo CDs to re-sell them or even to throw them away? Well, a judge disagreed, and held the the “first sale” doctrine. Liberation Day for Promo CDs: Victory in UMG v. Augusto: In its … Continue reading Wanna Buy Some Promo CDs? It's Legal!

Techdirt vs. ASCAP's Bill of Rights

Over on Techdirt, Blaise Alleyne rips apart ASCAP’s “Bill Of Wrongs” for Songwriters and Composers, point by point, item by item. 1. We have the right to be compensated for the use of our creative works, and share in the revenues that they generate. Why? In what other industries do creators maintain control over their … Continue reading Techdirt vs. ASCAP's Bill of Rights

Elvis Enters Public Domain, Sony-BMG in Denial

Elvis Album At The Center Of U.K. Copyright Row: In one of the clearest signs to-date of Sony BMG’s tough policy of enforcing the copyright of its vintage Presley works — even though some sound recordings have become part of the public domain — the music major put pressure on Cargo to withdraw the release, … Continue reading Elvis Enters Public Domain, Sony-BMG in Denial

EFF Asks Matador to Fire Web Sheriff

Some dude posted a New Pornographers b-side to his blog. Web Sheriff sent him a condescending take-down notice and a dumb-assed follow-up. EFF’s Fred von Lohmann is outraged: Here’s my question — does the band know what is being done in their name? Have they signed off on these emails being sent by Web Sheriff … Continue reading EFF Asks Matador to Fire Web Sheriff

Internet Radio Reduced To Silence

On Tuesday, June 26, thousands of U.S.-based webcasters plan to turn off the music and go silent in a unified effort to draw attention to an impending royalty rate increase that, if implemented, would lead to the virtual shutdown of this country’s Internet radio industry. Internet-only webcasters and broadcasters that simulcast online will alert their … Continue reading Internet Radio Reduced To Silence

Webjay: R.I.P.

Webjay is closing up shop. Webjay was a neat little service that allowed anyone to create playlists from mp3s already hosted somewhere on the web. It also ranked playlists by popularity and helped people discover new music. Yahoo bought it in 2006, and is shutting it down at the end of this month. Until then, … Continue reading Webjay: R.I.P.

Webcasting Killed by Copyright Board

U.S. Copyright Royalty Board Rejects Webcasters, Embraces SoundExchange: “The situation looks grim for webcasters large and small. Even tiny sites would owe the minimum of $500 per channel per year…” And how much of that money will musicians see? Take a guess.