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David Byrne Explains Why He’s Suing Crist

Republican Governor Charlie Crist is using a Talking Heads song in an ad for his Senate campaign without permission. So David Byrne is suing his ass. Here’s why:

The general public might also think I simply license the use of my songs to anyone who will pay the going rate, but that’s not true either, as I have never licensed a song for use in an ad. I do license songs to commercial films and TV shows (if they pay the going rate), and to dance companies and student filmmakers mostly for free. But not to ads.

I’m a bit of a throwback that way, as I still believe songs occasionally mean something to people — they obviously mean something personal to the writer, and often to the listener as well. A personal and social meaning is diluted when that same song is used to sell a product (or a politician).

As anachronistic as these ideas seem nowadays, I’m happy there are still some artists who refuse to allow their songs—especially older, established songs—to be used in ads. I know, I know. I’ve heard it all. Ad nauseum. But still. Kudos to the artists who can afford to say no.

Talking Heads: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

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David Byrne: Survival Strategies for Musicians

David Byrne’s Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists — and Megastars:

What is called the music business today, however, is not the business of producing music. At some point it became the business of selling CDs in plastic cases, and that business will soon be over. But that’s not bad news for music, and it’s certainly not bad news for musicians. Indeed, with all the ways to reach an audience, there have never been more opportunities for artists.

Great article from Wired that delves into six different music distribution models that an artist can choose from today, ranging from the “360/equity” deal where the label essentially owns the brand to the total DIY self-distribution plan like Radiohead did with the initial round of In Rainbows. “Of course, not everyone is as smart as those nerdy Radiohead boys,” admits the former Talking Head. “Pete Doherty probably should not be handed the steering wheel.”

MP3: David Byrne – “Ex Guru” (Fiery Furnaces interpretation) from Plum.