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Live: Graham Nash in Portland

If I am being honest, I am just as guilty as anyone—maybe more so. I see “legacy” acts touring and think, “Why bother? They can’t be as good as in their prime.” Sometimes I’ve been proven right when a band that hasn’t spoken in 20 years gets together for a tour only to realize they … Continue reading Live: Graham Nash in Portland

Rock Stars In Their Parents' Homes

It’s hard to imagine that the douchebags in BrokeNCYDE even have parents, nevermind what those parents’ houses look like. But I imagine the same could have been said about The Byrds‘ former member and CSNYmega-hippy David Crosby (pictured with his father, Floyd) or Frank Zappa. That’s what makes this little gem on Apartment Therapy so … Continue reading Rock Stars In Their Parents' Homes

Stand and Be Honest

I picked up an interesting though ultimately disappointing bargain book the other day: Stand and Be Counted, by—get this—David Crosby. Yes, hard to believe the man whose first solo album was called If I Could Only Remember My Name actually managed to find the brain cells to write a nonfiction book, but Stand and Be … Continue reading Stand and Be Honest