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Mountain Goats on Daytrotter

Earlier this year in San Francisco, John Darnielle recorded four songs for Daytrotter, including the unreleased “02-75,” which he says is the first love song he wrote for his wife, “before she was my wife.” It’s lovely. “You are my best friend / And I have always known you.”

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Death Cab Daytrotter Session

Death Cab for Cutie stopped by the Daytrotter studio and recorded a six-song session including two new ones (“Cath” and “Talking Bird”) from their upcoming album, Narrow Stairs.

I thought this new album was supposed to be experimental and weird. Everything officially leaked so far sounds just like Death Cab. Where’s the curve ball?

Unreleased Mountain Goats

The folks at Daytrotter caught up with John Darnielle at this year’s SXSW and recorded four unreleased songs, including a cover of a Wailers song that they’re limiting to 1,000 downloads. When I last checked they were over halfway there, so you’d better get on it.

• “Pinklon” (“He was one of the best heavyweights of the 80s and his jab was described by many as the best since Sonny Liston’s.”)

• “Ethiopians” (a Tallahassee outtake)

• “Red River Valley” (“In the very early days of the Mountain Goats, I used to play this one live in the old holler-and-stamp-my-feet style.”)

• “Babylon Burning” (“…white dudes with acoustic guitars are probably better off not attempting to cover reggae songs, and if further evidence of that were needed, well, here you are.”)

Get it.

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Dressy Bessy on Daytrotter

Dressy Bessy did a Daytrotter session and recorded four live songs which you can download. Interview, too.

I first heard about this band via Ken Tucker’s Fresh Air review wherein he begged his listeners to buy Electrified instead of Coldplay’s latest schlockfest. Which, of course, I did as would anyone with a pulse. According to their label, they’re currently working on a 2007 release.

MP3: Dressy Bessy – Side 2

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New Of Montreal songs on Daytrotter

There’s a new Daytrotter session with Of Montreal featuring four live, acoustic songs including two from the upcoming album, Hissing Fauna: Are You The Destroyer? Interview, too.

Daytrotter sessions have quickly established themselves as the new Peel sessions, having already featured notables such as Bonnie Prince Billy and French Kicks. Check them out.