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Weird Al vs. Charles Nelson Reilly

Video: "Weird Al" Yankovic – CNR Weird Al pays homage to Match Game guest star Charles Nelson Reilly via the White Stripes in his latest video. Unfortunately, Al’s guitar tone doesn’t even come close to Jack White‘s, even if the riff is spot on. What’s the deal, Al? Couldn’t find a rental shop in L.A. … Continue reading Weird Al vs. Charles Nelson Reilly

Dead Milkmen Archives

A couple of great old interviews were recently added to The Dead Milkmen Archives. In a Philadelphia Magazine interview from February 1988, they discuss the use of power saws in their recordings: Dean: Actually that was our manager—he was playing the power saw, but that was me doing the screaming when you heard the saw … Continue reading Dead Milkmen Archives

The Dead Milkmen Keep At It

The official Dead Milkmen website reports some New Stuff Happening in the land of the pale cow: We had so much fun last November at the Fun Fun Fun Festival that we’ve decided to keep at it and play some shows to see what might develop as far as new material. We’re rehearsing and will … Continue reading The Dead Milkmen Keep At It

Classic Dead Milkmen video: Punk Rock Girl

Video: Dead Milkmen – “Punk Rock Girl” Saw this on VH1 Classic this weekend, and even though the Dead Milkmen were one of my favorite bands in high school, I don’t think I’d ever seen this video before. It’s better than I could’ve imagined. So as I was looking up some links, I came across … Continue reading Classic Dead Milkmen video: Punk Rock Girl

Low Budgets – Plastic

MP3: The Low Budgets – “Plastic” from Leave Us A Loan, due August 21 on Chunksaah. The Low Budgets, as you probably already know, are Dead Milkman Joe Jack Talcum’s new band. “Minimal effort equals maximum pleasure.” Previously: Joe Jack Talcum – “Sex Sting” and I’m a Happy Imbecile: Butterfly Joe.

Joe Jack Talcum – Sex Sting

“Sex Sting” by former Dead Milkmen guitarist Joe Jack Talcum from a new internet single featuring two demos for an upcoming album by his band, the Cheesies. “But she wasn’t really 14 / And she wasn’t really a she / She was a guy who worked for the FBI / Sex sting / I wish … Continue reading Joe Jack Talcum – Sex Sting