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Dead Milkmen Releasing New Album

Moo.This is great news! The Dead Milkmen have recorded seventeen new songs and plan to release an album in March or April. See a few more details on their web site or in a response singer Rodney Anonymous gave to Philebrity, including this fantastic tidbit:

The cover art is currently unavailable as our lawyer has informed us that the image we originally intended to use – a Photoshopped image of Michele Bachmann blowing a Thomson’s gazelle – could quite possibly lead to “A whole lot of fucking around in court.”

God, I love this band!

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The Dead Milkmen’s Rodney Anonymous on Punk Rock Girl

Sheesh, I can’t believe I didn’t see this when it was published back in October. Rodney Anonymous kept a rehearsal/tour diary from their shows last fall. The whole thing is as hilarious as any Dead Milkmen fan could expect it to be, but my favorite part is this bit about their biggest hit:

I occupy the unique position in music history of being the only member of a “one-hit wonder” band who had absolutely nothing to do with the one hit. Despite having a writing credit (all of the Milkmen equally share the writing credits no matter what combination of us initially wrote a tune), I neither wrote, sang on nor played on our big hit, “Punk Rock Girl.” I have also never turned down a royalty check for the song. If I could only just figure out a way to get paid for every song that I neither wrote nor played on — the entire Beatles catalog, for example — I’d be set for life.

A few nights ago I got it into my head that I should actually do something when we play “Punk Rock Girl” other than what I’ve been doing for the past 20 years: just standing around tapping my foot like Larry Craig in a men’s room stall. To this end, I’ve asked Joe Genaro (aka Joe Jack Talcum, Butterfly Joe, etc.), our guitarist, to stop by today to help me work out a keyboard part for the song since Joe played the accordion on the original and I want to emulate his style as closely as possible. It takes roughly 10 minutes for Joe and me to come up with something, so we use the rest of the time we’ve allocated for the project watching TV.

I remember when I saw them back on the Beelzebubba tour, Rodney played with a remote control car on stage during that song. Or, wait a minute, maybe that’s the video…

In other exciting news, the Milkmen are “writing and rehearsing new songs and hope to have a release later this year.” Awesome.

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Twitter Roundup #8

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter…

# Bobby Charles, songwriter of “Walking to New Orleans” and “See You Later Alligator”, dead at 71. http://ow.ly/WP6u about 3 hours ago

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Robyn Hitchcock’s ‘Propellor Time,’ due March 22, to feature Peter Buck, Johnny Marr, John Paul Jones http://ow.ly/WImE about 6 hours ago

# RT @billboardglenn: First the rumors, now the article. From Billboard.biz: Layoffs Begin Across Universal Music Group http://bit.ly/93c8vm about 17 hours ago

# RT @adamficek: so…….just got the bat call, it seems tonight is babyshambles at rhythm factory. Best get off train. about 20 hours ago

# On This Day in 2004: @staceykanderson interviews the music directors of one of the best college radio stations in America. http://ow.ly/WAGi about 20 hours ago

# RT @rockcritics: Lisa Robinson’s oral history of disco from #VanityFair features Moroder, Rodgers, Gaynor, et al. http://bit.ly/4xWDp7 about 21 hours ago

# Smoking Gun has FCC complaints re: @adamlambert AMA show: “total fagatoni which I am OK with.” Did @Buddyhead write that? http://ow.ly/WykU about 22 hours ago

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Weird Al vs. Charles Nelson Reilly

Video: "Weird Al" Yankovic -- CNR

"Weird Al" Yankovic - CNR

"Weird Al" Yankovic - CNR

Weird Al pays homage to Match Game guest star Charles Nelson Reilly via the White Stripes in his latest video. Unfortunately, Al’s guitar tone doesn’t even come close to Jack White‘s, even if the riff is spot on. What’s the deal, Al? Couldn’t find a rental shop in L.A. with a vintage Airline? Giddyup, Gene!

Equally disappointing is the fact that Al has disabled embedding of the video. Boo! [Updated to embed the video, which now Al graciously allows. -ed. 8/4/2017] Get some real Charles Nelson Reilly relief after the jump… Go!

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Via Idolator.

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Dead Milkmen Archives

A couple of great old interviews were recently added to The Dead Milkmen Archives. In a Philadelphia Magazine interview from February 1988, they discuss the use of power saws in their recordings:

Dean: Actually that was our manager—he was playing the power saw, but that was me doing the screaming when you heard the saw going through the chunk of wood.
Rodney: I recommend the Craftsman circular saw. Bob Dylan goes for that traditional folk saw, and a lot of people, say, use the jigsaw, but that’s more of a funk instrument.

In a 1989 interview with the Courier-Post, Rodney Anonymous discusses life after “Punk Rock Girl” made it into rotation on MTV:

“We haven’t trashed any hotel rooms yet. I wish we had that kind of money. But we’ve always been into subtle trashing… For instance, in a lot of hotel rooms you can unscrew those abstract paintings from the wall and hang them upside down; nobody knows the difference.”

Crazy to think that was 20 years ago. Time flies…when you’re OLD!

MP3: Dead Milkmen – “I’m A Junkie (So What)?” from A Date With the Dead Milkmen, 1983 (courtesy of Joe Jack Talcum)

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The Dead Milkmen Keep At It

Dead MilkmenThe official Dead Milkmen website reports some New Stuff Happening in the land of the pale cow:

We had so much fun last November at the Fun Fun Fun Festival that we’ve decided to keep at it and play some shows to see what might develop as far as new material. We’re rehearsing and will see how it goes – stay tuned…

So far they’ve booked a show in Brooklyn in April. Joe Jack Talcum has a bunch of solo shows coming up, too. If you want to see what these guys look like these days, check out the flickr set from Dean Clean‘s sister.

MP3: Dead Milkmen – “Right Wing Pigeons from Outer Space” from A Date With the Dead Milkmen, 1983 (courtesy of Joe Jack Talcum)

Classic Dead Milkmen video: Punk Rock Girl

Video: Dead Milkmen – “Punk Rock Girl”

Saw this on VH1 Classic this weekend, and even though the Dead Milkmen were one of my favorite bands in high school, I don’t think I’d ever seen this video before. It’s better than I could’ve imagined.

So as I was looking up some links, I came across the news that they’re reuniting to play the Fun Fun Fun Festival in Austin, TX. They originally split up in 1995, but got together for a couple of benefit shows after bassist Dave Blood committed suicide in 2004. Dandrew Stevens will play bass.

Make your own Punk Rock Girl paper doll!

MP3: Butterfly Joe – “Ode to Eazy-E” from the 1995 cassette, Sweet ‘n’ Low. (courtesy of Joe Jack Talcom)

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Low Budgets – Plastic

MP3: The Low Budgets – “Plastic” from Leave Us A Loan, due August 21 on Chunksaah.

The Low Budgets, as you probably already know, are Dead Milkman Joe Jack Talcum’s new band. “Minimal effort equals maximum pleasure.”

Previously: Joe Jack Talcum – “Sex Sting” and I’m a Happy Imbecile: Butterfly Joe.

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Joe Jack Talcum – Sex Sting

“Sex Sting” by former Dead Milkmen guitarist Joe Jack Talcum from a new internet single featuring two demos for an upcoming album by his band, the Cheesies.

“But she wasn’t really 14 / And she wasn’t really a she / She was a guy who worked for the FBI / Sex sting / I wish I had not typed those dirty links / I wish I had not sent those naughty things / to the undercover pig / Now I’m caught in a sex sting.”

Previously: I’m a Happy Imbecile: Butterfly Joe.