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Milk It: Fanboy Fandango

Milk It!Milk It!: Collected Musings on the Alternative Music Explosion of the ’90s

By Jim DeRogatis, Da Capo Press

DeRogatis must be doing something right as rock and roll reviewer for the Chicago Sun-Times as he has, by his own admission, supplemented by evidence from the aggrieved, pissed people off, including Steve Albini and Billy Corgan (although in the latter case there was apparently a reconciliation: cue the violins). If you don’t raise some ire, then you’re not getting it done, as many angry Comment slingers at GloNo can attest to. Slings and arrows are indeed the stuff of outrageous fortune, at least for those who have been able to cash in on it, as have many that DeRogatis chronicles in this collection of columns and articles culled primarily from the aforementioned daily, as well as from Request, Rolling Stone, and elsewhere. Milk It!, indeed.

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