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What I Learned at Culture Creating School Today

Creators ProjectReflections on Vice and Intel’s “Creator’s Project” at Milk Studios

I’ve always secretly envisaged myself as an Edie Sedgwick type, whimsically creating culture as I amorously amble about in New York City, falling in love in my purchased daisy dukes, batting my eyelashes, listening to “Bat For Lashes,” while eating a coconut flavored frozefruit at a massive concert in a random sequestered locale by the Hudson River with all of the other displaced Brooklyn hipsters.

This alter-ego is as undeterred by what Murs affectionately describes as “sweat on her face [that] shows the fuzz on her lip” as she is by 10th Avenue’s maritime rats. I’ve publicly admonished her in the past but Saturday night, enmeshed in crowds reminiscent of the final house party scene of “Can’t Hardly Wait” at the VICE Magazine and Intel’s concept night “Creators Project” I totally was her.

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