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Pete to Carl: Let’s Be Friends!

Pete Doherty reveals to the NME that the Libertines have received multiple offers worth millions of pounds to reunite for British festivals but that co-leader Carl Barat has nixed them all. “We had some ridiculous offers to headline Reading,” he said. “Like £2 million to headline this festival, £1 million to headline that festival. I … Continue reading Pete to Carl: Let’s Be Friends!

Dirty Pretty Things Bid Adieu

We’ve been gaga for all things Libertines for a long time now. To the point of being apologists for that degenerate druggy, Pete Doherty. So, it’s with mixed feelings that we approach the news that ex-Libertine Carl Barat‘s band, Dirty Pretty Things, is no more. Their debut album was solid (if not mind blowing or … Continue reading Dirty Pretty Things Bid Adieu

Free Pete Doherty

The title’s not a call to action but a statement of fact: Pete’s free today, having served 29 days of a 14-week jail sentence for breaking probation. And from the sounds of it, prison life has it’s ups and downs when you’re Pete Doherty. “I got trouble from the start, from the inmates and the … Continue reading Free Pete Doherty

Dirty Pretty Things in Prison

Footage has surfaced of Dirty Pretty Things playing an acoustic number in Pentonville Prison. The band played a set on Monday, August 27 to raise awareness for the suicide prevention group, Wasted Youth. I love how Didz is swaying a little in the background while Gary is just standing there looking like he belongs there. … Continue reading Dirty Pretty Things in Prison

Dirty Pretty Things: Play Frogger Online

I’m not really sure what the hell this is all about—some public service announcement type charity, or whatever—but you can play a Frogger-inspired game called Roadie Runner wherein you listen to Dirty Pretty Things songs and “collect the guitar from the other side of the road and bring it back.” There are apparently prizes to … Continue reading Dirty Pretty Things: Play Frogger Online

GLONO Video with Dirty Pretty Things

Dirty? Check. Pretty? Check...GLONO hosts Dirty Pretty Things for a day in Chicago and gives them an authentic tour of the Windy City with vintage clothes shopping in Wicker Park, hotdogs, and a dip in the great Lake Michigan. Oh, and the band put on a hell of a show…