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Rebel Yell – A Shout out to the Dixie Chicks

Naked Chicks Rule!Three years ago, the Dixie Chicks, alienated the country music world with an inocuous comment about President Bush. With a new album due this week, anyone who thinks the Chicks are ready to repent and play nice had better think again.

First Amendment, My Ass

“I grow old, I grow old / I shall throw out my Dixie Chicks discs.” — Apologies to T.S. Eliot Although it is not nice to characterize people broadly because of some attribute, it may be unavoidable in this case. Old people are, indeed, crabby. (Author’s note: Age is a relative thing.) VH1 conducted a … Continue reading First Amendment, My Ass

Some Final Words on Super Bowl XXXVII

Celine Dion, “God Bless America” – The woman has an extremely large, extremely froggy voice, a husband whose first job was as a deckhand on Sir Walter Raleigh’s frigate, a promotional contract with Daimler-Chrysler, and an irritating French-Canadian accent. While all of these things bother me, it’s the last two that REALLY cream my brie. … Continue reading Some Final Words on Super Bowl XXXVII

Home Girls

If Garth Brooks on a zip line with flash pots exploding below his airborne Stetson didn’t signal country music’s arrival as a mainstream music format, then the 1991 introduction of SoundScan to track Billboard chart activity certainly kicked the storm door open and left country’s muddy boot prints all over pop’s shag carpeting. Suddenly, country … Continue reading Home Girls