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Listen to Frontier Justice 2/19/17

The Thousand Points Of Light Memorial Waterfall lies dry at the center of the Super 7 Mega Mall food court tetrahedron, and everybody’s got an opinion as to why. Hair triggers, we have them. In this new reality of hot takes and burning questions, it’s fun to clamber onto a roof and shout “BELL BOTTOMS” … Continue reading Listen to Frontier Justice 2/19/17

The Donnas – Get Off

MP3: The Donnas – “Get Off” from Greatest Hits Vol. 16, out now on the band’s own Purple Feather Records. Holy crap, by the end of this summer, all four of the Donnas will be thirty years old. Time flies. This is the second album they’ve released since parting ways with Atlantic (WMG), and despite … Continue reading The Donnas – Get Off

Donnas – Don’t Wait Up For Me

MP3: The Donnas – “Don’t Wait Up For Me” from Bitchin’, out now on their own Purple Feather Records. Full on hard rock from the former Ramones imitators. Think Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You.”


Since bursting upon the scene in Hackers, a cinematic triumph from 1995 that also starred that guy who played Sick Boy in Trainspotting, Angelina Jolie has marked her territory in Hollywood. She also began pissing all over the public consciousness. Where’s Charlize Theron when you need her? Here’s a girl who made a big splash … Continue reading ANGELINA JOLIE’S 15 MINUTES: GONE IN 60 SECONDS