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The Warlocks: I’m Freaking Out!

The Warlocks Leave Phil Wise and Johnny Cowering In Fear To fully engage in the particular voodoo of the Warlocks, you must be high as a kite, or at least 8 feet tall. That’s the realization Phil Wise and I came to on Saturday night at Chicago’s Double Door, as we took in the Warlocks: … Continue reading The Warlocks: I’m Freaking Out!

White Girls Can’t Jump

Brassy live at Double Door Chicago, IL March 20, 2001 Let’s get it out in the open. The lead singer for Brassy, Muffin Spencer, is Jon Spencer’s, (he of the Blues Explosion) sister. Ok? We can’t ignore it. Why try? Sure, Muffin gets a little steamed from time to time when people always ask what … Continue reading White Girls Can’t Jump


Brassy @ Double Door Chicago, IL, 3/21 Brassy isn’t yr average hardcore/Kurtis Blow/funk/DIY rock collective. No wait, they are. Brassy does two things very well. First, mouthpiece Muffin (sister of Jon) Spencer’s supreme belief in her band’s dominance over all comers is admirable. And the band is very adept at making tons of noise, even … Continue reading THE MUFFIN SPENCER BLUES EXPULSION