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Doug Morris Doesn't Want Promotion

In a long, somewhat humanizing interview with Doug Morris, the UMG Chairman/CEO dismisses the promotional value of YouTube (and, apparently, everything else): We don’t look at anything as promotion. Take a look at MTV. It turned out to be a disaster for us. We sold some records, but they built this huge company and we … Continue reading Doug Morris Doesn't Want Promotion

Major Label Execs Are Willfully Clueless

Universal Music Group’s CEO Doug Morris talks to Wired and admits he doesn’t know anything (or care) about technology. Morris insists there wasn’t a thing he or anyone else could have done differently. “There’s no one in the record company that’s a technologist,” Morris explains. “That’s a misconception writers make all the time, that the … Continue reading Major Label Execs Are Willfully Clueless

Major Label Execs Make Mad Loot

Music’s money man: “Universal Music chairman-CEO Doug Morris earned E14.5 million (about $18 million) for 2005 — more than five times the E2.5 million that went to his boss, Vivendi toppertopper Jean-Bernard Levy.”