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Apple ditches DRM, adds tiered pricing

Apple, labels both win with DRM-free iTunes, tiered pricing: Today, Apple promised that by the end of this quarter, all 10 million iTunes songs will be DRM-free, and released at the higher-quality 256 kbps iTunes Plus bitrate. This policy change applies across the board to all four major music labels (Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, … Continue reading Apple ditches DRM, adds tiered pricing

Authorized Lyrics Sites Kinda Suck

A little over a year ago, we talked about the first legal lyrics repository on the internet. Turns out, these legal sites are realizing they cannot compete with unauthorized sites that actually give the user what they want: searchable, copy-and-pastable lyrics. “We’ve had what we call modest success,” said Michael Spiegleman, senior director of Yahoo … Continue reading Authorized Lyrics Sites Kinda Suck

Touch and Go Sells DRM-Free MP3s

Coming on the heels of the indie label revolt against eMusic, Touch and Go has announced the opening of its own digital shop where fans can purchase individual tracks and full albums available as DRM-free 256kbps MP3 files as well as some “CD quality 16 bit and above CD quality 24 bit WAV files” for … Continue reading Touch and Go Sells DRM-Free MP3s

EMI Ditches DRM: No April Fool

We mentioned this as a possibility back in February, but it looks like it’s actually happening now: EMI Music launches DRM-free superior sound quality downloads across its entire digital repertoire. Coming to iTunes in May for $1.29 per song: Apple Unveils Higher Quality DRM-Free Music on the iTunes Store. • “DRM-free tracks from EMI will … Continue reading EMI Ditches DRM: No April Fool

EMI Might Ditch DRM

Sources: EMI May Announce Support For MP3 [T]he label said in a statement that it has been experimenting with MP3 releases from Norah Jones, Lily Allen and Relient K. “The results, so far, have been very positive and the response from fans has been enthusiastic … The lack of interoperability between devices and platforms is … Continue reading EMI Might Ditch DRM

Apple Wants to Ditch DRM

Steve Jobs calls on music industry to drop DRM: “”Why would the big four music companies agree to let Apple and others distribute their music without using DRM systems to protect it?” Jobs wrote. “The simplest answer is because DRMs haven’t worked, and may never work, to halt music piracy.” Not surprisingly, record company executives … Continue reading Apple Wants to Ditch DRM

Edison-Era DRM

The Record Industry’s Piracy Law, Circa 1900 “This record is sold by the National Phonograph Company, at Orange, N.J. upon the condition that it shall not be sold to any unauthorized dealer or used for duplication, and that it shall not be sold, or offered for sale, by the original, or any subsequent purchaser (except … Continue reading Edison-Era DRM

Consumers 1, Sony BMG 0

Sony BMG to pay fines: The music giant agreed Tuesday to cease embedding compact discs with digital rights management software that limited the number of copies consumers can make of the music and harmed the computers of some consumers. It also agreed to pay fines in California and Texas. Sony BMG entered a stipulated judgment … Continue reading Consumers 1, Sony BMG 0

Zune won’t play Rhapsody, Napster 2.0 files

Microsoft’s Zune won’t play protected files purchased from Napster 2.0, Rhapsody, Yahoo! Unlimited, Movielink, iTunes, or any other online media service. Except emusic, of course, who sells good, old-fashioned unprotected MP3 files. Remember kids: when you purchase files with DRM, you’re putting your trust in corporations to continue supporting that file type. It’s a bad … Continue reading Zune won’t play Rhapsody, Napster 2.0 files