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Midnight Caller Episode 5

He was a spaz. So bad that he once slapped a teacher right across the face. We couldn’t believe it. The whole class froze for a moment. And then sped up very fast like an old film projector breaking loose from a jam. There was David, running around the room while we lost our minds, … Continue reading Midnight Caller Episode 5

Billboard Boosts Eagles, Bumps Britney

In a last-minute decision Bilboard magazine revised its chart policy to allow the Eagles to debut at #1 over Britney Spears’ new album. Without this change, the Eagles wouldn’t have charted at all because their album is only for sale at Wal-Mart. In consultation with Nielsen SoundScan, Billboard will now allow exclusive album titles that … Continue reading Billboard Boosts Eagles, Bumps Britney

Albatross: The Eagles and the Power of Success

Take it to the limit one more timeAn “unauthorized” biography of the Eagles gets scrubbed clean after Warner Books buys out the original publisher. And Don Henley still tried to get it banned! In a new paperback edition, the author admits he was manipulated.