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New Skating Polly video: Camelot

Video: Skating Polly -- “Camelot”

Skating Polly - Camelot (Official Video)

Directed by Caz Daddy Mac. From The Make It All Show, out now on El Camino.

If Skating Polly shows are half as wild as they look in this video, we should all check them out when they come through our towns. My favorite part is a minute in when Arrow Dewilde from Starcrawler attacks and strangles poor Kelli Mayo while she’s trying to sing her grungy song about bad boyfriends.

Mayo told Louder: “I met one of the most horrible, intolerable, numb-nut, scum of the earth humans last year, who treats women like dog shit using his frat boy etiquette, and this song is dedicated to him. There’s three voices in the song: the voice telling Mr. Frat Boy Lancelot to fuck off, the voice narrating the sad story of who he preys on, and the voice mimicking Mr. Frat Boy Lancelot’s ideal gal and the lengths she would go to be his miserable, underfed, trophy Barbie wife.”

I want something
I want something better
I want something better than you
Of course I do!

100% badass.

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New Skating Polly video: Hollywood Factory

Video: Skating Polly -- “Hollywood Factory”

Skating Polly - Hollywood Factory (Official Video)

Directed by Scott Stuckey. From The Make It All Show, due May 4 on El Camino.

Check out the kids in Skating Polly living out their success fantasies.

We’re bursting at the seams
Just think if we get lucky
And things are looking pretty great
Walking backwards through Hollywood factory

Skating Polly is a family band from Oklahoma made up of step-sisters Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse and brother/drummer Kurtis Mayo.

Kelli Mayo says, “We first wrote ‘Hollywood Factory’ after I filmed a pilot for a TV show and the possibility of it getting picked up was all I could think about for a while. The lyrics were meant to poke fun at the idea of going to Hollywood and selling out, or at least trying to sell out if Hollywood will have you. Anyway, it didn’t get picked up and we kinda swept the song under the rug with it, but right before we went in to record the album, we decided to work on it again, this time with Kurtis on board as our third member. We made the lyrics darker at some points and just more sarcastic overall. Despite the sarcasm, it’s probably the most poppy song on the record and the most cheerful one for sure!”

It’s super catchy.

Skating Polly: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Skating Polly video: Queen For A Day

Video: Skating Polly -- “Queen For A Day” ft. Exene Cervenka

Skating Polly - Queen For A Day feat. Exene Cervenka (Official Video)

Directed by Dave Smith. From The Make It All Show, out May 4 on El Camino.

This is the band that worked with Nina Gordon and Louise Post from Veruca Salt on their New Trick EP last year. For this new song, they’re working with Exene Cervenka of X.

Kelli Mayo told NPR, “The lyrics for this song came from a conversation we had backstage with Exene about the old game show Queen for a Day. The premise of the show was that women with tragic stories (sick children, dead husbands, poverty, etc) would compete against each other for applause from the audience. The winner would get a washing machine or whatever household prize they asked for and be crowned Queen for a Day. Months after this conversation Exene sent me lyrics in a text and we wrote the song around them. She’s singing on the second and third choruses too. We wanted the video to emulate the old show, but also look like it was directed by John Waters.”

Mission accomplished, I guess, although the drummer looks like he should be in Cheap Trick in the 80s instead of whatever mid-60s vibe the girls are shooting for. But whatever. Who cares? The song rocks.

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Skating Polly video: Louder In Outer Space

Video: Skating Polly -- “Louder In Outer Space”

Skating Polly - Louder In Outer Space (Official Video)

Featuring Nina Gordon and Louise Post of Veruca Salt. From the New Trick EP, out now on El Camino.

Can you hear that harmony?
I can hear it in my sleep.
I can hear it even louder in outer space.

Right on! This video’s been out for a few months, but I just stumbled across it. Not as spooky as their previous video, but I like it more. It’s definitely more Veruca Salty.

Skating Polly plays Riot Fest at noon on Friday, September 15.

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