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MP3Tunes Sues EMI for Sharing MP3s

MP3.com founder and current MP3Tunes CEO Michael Robertson has counter-sued EMI for distributing free MP3s via MP3 blogs and its own sites, and allowing anyone to download them, “except, apparently, MP3tunes”: MP3Tunes has made detailed factual allegations that EMI and its affiliates have been engaging in massive free distribution, over the internet, using its own … Continue reading MP3Tunes Sues EMI for Sharing MP3s

Beatles on iTunes: We Can (Not) Work It Out

Billboard reports that Beatles iTunes Negotiations have stalled. Quoting Paul McCartney, it appears as though the problem is between the Beatles and their label, EMI—not between them and Steve Jobs. Paul: “We are very for it, we’ve been pushing it. But there are a couple of sticking points, I understand. So the last word I … Continue reading Beatles on iTunes: We Can (Not) Work It Out

How to Make the Major Labels Relevant

In a post called Aloha, Mr. Hands, former Beastie Boys/Nullsoft/Yahoo Music general manager Ian Rogers tells Guy Hands what he would do to change EMI’s new music business: With the disappearance of advantaged label competencies such as superior production, distribution, and marketing, reconfigure your labels to be based around affinities and focused narrowly enough to … Continue reading How to Make the Major Labels Relevant

EMI Ditches DRM: No April Fool

We mentioned this as a possibility back in February, but it looks like it’s actually happening now: EMI Music launches DRM-free superior sound quality downloads across its entire digital repertoire. Coming to iTunes in May for $1.29 per song: Apple Unveils Higher Quality DRM-Free Music on the iTunes Store. • “DRM-free tracks from EMI will … Continue reading EMI Ditches DRM: No April Fool

EMI Might Ditch DRM

Sources: EMI May Announce Support For MP3 [T]he label said in a statement that it has been experimenting with MP3 releases from Norah Jones, Lily Allen and Relient K. “The results, so far, have been very positive and the response from fans has been enthusiastic … The lack of interoperability between devices and platforms is … Continue reading EMI Might Ditch DRM