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New Culture Abuse video: So Busted

Video: Culture Abuse – “So Busted” Single out now on Epitaph Records. This is the first I’ve heard from Culture Abuse. Apparently they released an album last year but “So Busted” isn’t on it. They signed to Epitaph and released this single. It’s a sweet little song about “all the stuff you are told you … Continue reading New Culture Abuse video: So Busted

New Descendents video: Without Love

Video: Descendents – “Without Love” From Hypercaffium Spazzinate, out now on Epitaph. I don’t know about you, but I am super happy the Descendents are back in action. Saw them last year at Riot Fest and they were awesome. The lyrics of this one seem a little hippy dippy at first (“Another day goes by … Continue reading New Descendents video: Without Love

New Desaparecidos video: City On The Hill

Video: Desaparecidos – “City On The Hill”

Desaparecidos – "City on the Hill" (Official Music Video) I Epitaph Records

Conor Oberst leads his “political punk” band on a cheerful little ditty about how everything is bullshit and we’re all doomed.

All the founding fathers
sowed their seeds into servant girls
All the godless heathens
had to leave to make a newer world
So we could live together in America
Justice is blind and so is love

Good times. From Payola, due June 23 on Epitaph. Directed by Rob Soucy.

Via punknews.

Rancid Says Punk Is Still Not Dead

Lars Frederiksen and Tim Armstrong from Rancid talk to Express Night Out about getting older, having kids, and what punk means today: I got friends who are my age — I’m 43 — who say punk rock is dead. Really? Why don’t you come to some of these house parties and backyards, get on the … Continue reading Rancid Says Punk Is Still Not Dead