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Little Bit Older, Lot Less Bolder

Everclear has returned with a new set of tuneful pragmatism entitled Slow Motion Daydream. No new tale to tell here — Art Alexakis’ songs have always been immediately recognizable, momentarily hummable, and ultimately forgettable. However… On a recent road trip, after Q106.5’s kick-ass ZZ Top classic rock block made way for the Pro Tool’d synthesis … Continue reading Little Bit Older, Lot Less Bolder

Driven to Distraction

I’ve been accused—and Jeff will undoubtedly underline this in a big way—of writing too much about Honda. But discovering that there is something called the “Civic Tour,” finding that it is split in two, with the second half being designated “v.2001.2,” and reading this line: “The Civic Tour allows Honda to reach out to our … Continue reading Driven to Distraction