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New Soccer Mommy video: Your Dog

Video: Soccer Mommy – “Your Dog” From Clean, out March 2 on Fat Possum. So what are you supposed to do with your boyfriend’s corpse after you slit his throat? If you’re Soccer Mommy’s Sophie Allison, you drag him upstairs and Sharpie up his face and feel a little sad about the whole thing. I … Continue reading New Soccer Mommy video: Your Dog

Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light (Fat Possum) Within the first measures of Spiritualized’s eighth album, head Spaceman Jason Pierce continues his journey away from the minimalist leanings that he’s examined for the last pair of records, and back to the orchestrated grandeur of his revered back catalog. While all of that may sound like … Continue reading Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Tennis – Young And Old

Tennis – Young & Old (Fat Possum) Teaming up with the Black Keys’ Patrick Riley in a real Nashville studio, Tennis returns with a sophomore release that retains Cape Dory’s time machine rust while opening up the fidelity a bit to give the band — now a three piece with the inclusion of drummer James … Continue reading Tennis – Young And Old

New video from Jon Spencer’s Heavy Trash: Gentle

Video: Heavy Trash – “(Sometimes You Gotta Be) Gentle” This is more like it. That “doo wop” MP3 they gave away wasn’t really all that, but “Gentle” has everything we’ve always loved about Jon Spencer. Watch him and Matt Verta-Ray do their thang in this new video directed by Michael Lavine. On the road, Lambchop‘s … Continue reading New video from Jon Spencer’s Heavy Trash: Gentle

Heavy Trash – Gee, I Really Love You

MP3: Heavy Trash – “Gee, I Really Love You” from Midnight Soul Serenade, out October 27 on Fat Possum. While Jon Spencer‘s latest band hasn’t received as much press as his Blues Explosion, they’re still making good music. Their previous album, 2007’s Going Way Out with Heavy Trash, was one of my favorites of the … Continue reading Heavy Trash – Gee, I Really Love You

A.A. Bondy – When the Devil's Loose

MP3: A.A. Bondy – “When the Devil’s Loose” from When the Devil’s Loose, due September 1 on Fat Possum. Another ode to “Delia,” the doomed heroine of so many murder ballads. Spooky! A.A. Bondy: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

Andrew Bird – Oh No

MP3: Andrew Bird – “Oh No” from Noble Beast, out now on Fat Possum. This song features all the things you love about Andrew Bird: whistling, nerdy smart lyrics, violin, plus hand claps. What more could you want? The album is a bit of a sleeper, but repeated listenings will reveal more and more. Andrew … Continue reading Andrew Bird – Oh No