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Sail On, Sailor

According to Cruise Market Watch, “Worldwide, the ocean cruise industry has an annual passenger compound annual growth rate of 6.63% from 1990 – 2020,” and for 2018, they’re estimating that some 26-million lucky people will be living the buffet life on the high seas. And they’ve calculated that “Only 53% of the target North American … Continue reading Sail On, Sailor

Rose City ‘Til I Die

By the time this publishes I should be barreling down the road in a van packed with my wife, my son, three dogs, a cat and two of my most cherished guitars. We’ll be heading east, away from a city we love more than we could have even imagined when we moved here almost ten … Continue reading Rose City ‘Til I Die

Listen: JTL FM – This Summer

Spotify: JTL FM: This Summer Look, those white linen dungarees you bought in a frustrated, which way is up moment back in the deepest, darkest depths of winter are not going to wear themselves. The breeze won’t catch the light tick of their fabric, and you’ll never savor the aroma of Impossible Burgers grilling as … Continue reading Listen: JTL FM – This Summer

Iowa Jam: The Grateful Dead at the UNI-Dome 2/5/1978

The word is it was a cold night with a biting wind that brought the real world temperature to around 20 below. The sky was overcast on that Sunday evening in Cedar Falls, Iowa and there was a chance of snow. It was a fairly common winter evening for this college town of about 50,000 … Continue reading Iowa Jam: The Grateful Dead at the UNI-Dome 2/5/1978

Sounds Like. . . ?

Apparently there is a museum in France dedicated to the works of a late 19th- early 20th century painter, Étienne Terrus. The museum, located in Elne, France, in the Pyrénées, is full of paintings by Terrus. Or at least many of the 140 paintings are by the artist. And even more of them are, as … Continue reading Sounds Like. . . ?

Listen: JTL FM ii

Spotify: JTL FM ii I don’t want nobody hurt, but I made an exception with him. –Cherry Glazerr Making a mess is easy when you think you know it all. –Jessica Lea Mayfield The color of your mind, you feel it coming right through you. –Beach House When you talk to my face you speak … Continue reading Listen: JTL FM ii

The Rolling Stones and Existence

“Do the Rolling Stones still exist?” That, I’m afraid, was my reaction when I read about the band’s apparent continuation of its “No Filter” tour, which will start up again next month with 11 dates in Europe. Now I know that Jagger, Richards, Watts, and Wood are still alive, so it wasn’t an issue of … Continue reading The Rolling Stones and Existence

New Quasar Wut-Wut video: Jezebel’s Arm

Video: Quasar Wut-Wut – “Jezebel’s Arm” From Digesting Mirror, due July 2018. Back in 2004, flush with revenue from the burgeoning online advertising market, we here at Glorious Noise had more money than we knew what to do with. Cans of Pabst were only $2 at the Long Room on Tuesdays after all. So what’s … Continue reading New Quasar Wut-Wut video: Jezebel’s Arm

New Automne video: Soeurs de Coeur

Video: Automne – “Sœurs de cœur” Directed by Joséphine Lajeat. From the Automne EP, due March 23. Paris has style. I mean, come on. Look at this video. Who has house parties where everybody is so elegant and chic? Not in a trendy or pretentious or stuffy way, but just totally stylish. Wine, pistachios, tarot … Continue reading New Automne video: Soeurs de Coeur

Hey What’s Up? Glorious Noise Is 17

Time flies. Seventeen years? Crazy. GLONO is the same age as the lead singer of my favorite band. There are kids in bands today who weren’t even born when we started this. That blows my mind. I remember turning 17 the summer before my senior year of high school. John Cougar had told us to … Continue reading Hey What’s Up? Glorious Noise Is 17