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Back to the Future

The Recording Industry Association of America catches the 80s retro vibe with an attack on its arch nemesis: technology. And just like last time, it’s not only a losing fight but also a misguided philosophy. While the RIAA claims that P2P file sharing is to blame for shitty CD sales (not the fact that the … Continue reading Back to the Future

Trying: The Wilco Movie

Pity Jay Bennett. In I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, Sam Jones’ new “documentary” about the making of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, the former Wilco guitarist comes across as self-absorbed and out of touch with the rest of the world. Instead of displaying the typical motivation for antisocial musician behavior—sex, drugs, money—Bennett just seems … Continue reading Trying: The Wilco Movie

Lyrics Born: Writing to Reach You

As Stephen Macaulay’s article below (“Beginnings and Leavings,” 7/21) makes clear, we all have a personal relationship with rock and roll lyrics. It doesn’t matter if you’re an elitist music snob, Nicolas Cage, or the mayor of Santiago, Chile – words and music have the power to make you think and feel. It’s no different … Continue reading Lyrics Born: Writing to Reach You

Interview with Inge Johansson of the (International) Noise Conspiracy

Glorious Noise Interview: Inge Johansson of the (International) Noise Conspiracy Glorious Noise interviewed Inge Johansson, bass player of the International Noise Conspiracy and asked him about the politics of the INC, why Sweden is kicking so much rock and roll booty, and why the Rickenbacher is the bad-assed rock bass that it is. Read the … Continue reading Interview with Inge Johansson of the (International) Noise Conspiracy

Please Kill Me! Interview with Legs McNeil

Contributing writer Helen Wilson tracks down the O.P. (original punk), Legs McNeil, co-founder of Punk magazine and author of Please Kill Me: The Oral History of Punk Rock. Legs and Helen discuss the OP’s tormenting of Lester Bangs, the misplaced accusation of racism in the original punk scene, and the similarities between punk and porn.

Breech: Just Add Water

A Glorious Noise interview with Breech. Getting attention for an up and coming band can be daunting. There are thousands of up-starts throughout the country and picking through those that are worthwhile is like separating sugar from salt. Zealous bands could just literally grab audience members by the throat until they listen, but why not … Continue reading Breech: Just Add Water

Exclusive Glorious Noise Interview with Jay Bennett

This is a big day for Glorious Noise. Not only did we reach the milestone of 50,000 unique visits, but we’re also unleashing some very exciting and exclusive information. There has been a great deal of confusion surrounding Jay Bennett’s role in the making of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and the circumstances surrounding his departure … Continue reading Exclusive Glorious Noise Interview with Jay Bennett

Ben Blackwell: A Lifetime Worth of Self-Pity, Self-Deprecation and Self-Immolation

GLONO’s Cub reporter Nathan Walker interviews Ben Blackwell, drummer for Detroit’s Dirt Bombs, and gets an earful. Everything from vegan promoters to gear-head homos to the media’s obsession with the Detroit “scene” comes under fire from this ornery cuss. Poor Nate hasn’t been the same since.

Will You Pony Up for Satellite Radio?

Raise your hand if you listen to the radio. Good, you can all put your hands down. Now, raise your hand if you subscribe to satellite radio. That’s what I thought. Satellite radio is here now; it has been for a few months. But you aren’t listening, and you won’t listen, and I know why.