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30 Years of an Industry Fracturing

The Digital Music News blog has fascinating animated pie-charts showing the consolidation and eventual fracturing of media sales in the music industry. Compiled with US-based data, each pie represents 100% of total recording revenue. Click through to watch how the rise of CDs all but obliterated all media types a decade ago only to be … Continue reading 30 Years of an Industry Fracturing

GNR Leaker Sentenced to House Arrest

Wired: Guns N’ Roses Uploader Gets House Arrest, Will Make Anti-Piracy Ad. Kevin “Skwerl” Cogill, the blogger who uploaded nine tracks from Chinese Democracy to Antiquiet prior to its release date, got a slap on the wrist, won’t have to pay a fine, and will make a radio or television message “talking about the importance … Continue reading GNR Leaker Sentenced to House Arrest

Hilary Rosen, 10 Years after Napster

Remember Hilary Rosen? She was the CEO of the RIAA back when Napster help peer-to-peer filesharing go mainstream. Rosen was the public face of the most hated organization on the planet, at least as far as nerdy internet people were concerned. She was our punching bag until she retired in 2003, but by then the … Continue reading Hilary Rosen, 10 Years after Napster

The Shins on Filesharing

James Mercer, leader of the Shins, talks to Billboard about replacing his band’s rhythm section, about working with Carrie Brownstein, Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse, and Isaac Brock. He also talks about his new label, Aural Apothecary, now that he’s ditched Sub Pop: “I think I’ve learned, you can’t really control things. You can’t let it bug … Continue reading The Shins on Filesharing

Neil Young: Filesharing is "the new radio"

ReadWriteWeb talks to Neil Young about Music Piracy, MP3 Hell and Finding Freaks on the Web: “Ten Blu-ray disks doesn’t lend itself to P2P. They [the fans] are going to do that anyway – people are going to copy all this music. We don’t have to deal with that. All we’re doing is supplying the … Continue reading Neil Young: Filesharing is "the new radio"

SXSW Offers Torrent of 2009 Acts

Major labels may be…ahem…slow to recognize the benefits of filesharing but not everyone in the music industry is so dense. Case in point: South by Southwest. The premier music festival of the year has once again posted on their site the mp3s of this year’s acts. That’s great, but who wants to scroll through the … Continue reading SXSW Offers Torrent of 2009 Acts

Weird Al vs. MTV Censors

Nothing pleases the seventh-grade boy in me more than the recent resurgence of Weird Al Yankovic during this, the twenty-fifth anniverary of his first hit, “Ricky.” There’s been the profile in Wired, and more recently, the coverage of his release of a parody while the original was still #1 on the Billboard singles chart (and … Continue reading Weird Al vs. MTV Censors