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50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 31

Rolling Stone issue #31 had a cover date of April 19, 1969. 32 pages. 35 cents. Cover photo of Sun Ra by Baron Wolman. Features: “Sun Ra” by John Burks; “Earthquake! California Fears Fear Itself” by Jerry Hopkins; “Bunky & Jake” by Paul Nelson; “Cerebrum” by Charles A. Fracchia; “Jethro Tull & His Fabulous Tool” … Continue reading 50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 31

New Wilder Maker video: Only Child

Video: Wilder Maker – “Only Child” From the New Streets 7″, out now on Saddle Creek. I like this song. It’s got cool guitar tones and an easy listening, lite rock vibe that works nicely with the boy/girl vocals and lyrics about “ice cream on the porch swing” and staying up too late, “the world … Continue reading New Wilder Maker video: Only Child

Goose Lake International Music Festival Documentary

We grew up hearing snippets of the stories: first joints, flying tents, incorrect memories of the acts who played, and even a fabled master recording from the sound board secreted away in a friend’s basement (recently rediscovered). The event was more legend than an established piece of Michigan history, but staged almost exactly one year … Continue reading Goose Lake International Music Festival Documentary

Flying Burrito Brothers – Long Black Limousine

MP3: The Flying Burrito Brothers – “Long Black Limousine” (live) from Gram Parsons Archives Vol. 1: The Flying Burrito Brothers “Live” at the Avalon 1969, due October 30 on Amoeba Records. The MP3 is only available through August 30, so get it while you can. The two-disc, 27-track set includes a number of rarities from … Continue reading Flying Burrito Brothers – Long Black Limousine

A Buyers Guide to Gram Parsons

Gram Parsons - Fallen AngelWith the release of a new Gram Parsons documentary on DVD and his Complete Reprise Sessions remastered and repackaged, Glorious Noise takes a look back over the recorded output of one of America’s most influential songwriters.

Hot Burritos!

Now, thanks to Jeff, I have just invested twenty five hard earned dollars in “Hot Burritos!: The Flying Burrito Bros. Anthology 1969-1972.” Anyone who has not heard this music should set aside a weekend and take it in. Forty three songs spanning three years of music from the architect of alt.country. This is where Gram … Continue reading Hot Burritos!

The Cosmic American Philosophy

I bought the Flying Burrito Brothers anthology yesterday. What I am going to say now may shock you, but I think that Gram Parsons is *at least* as amazing as Neil Young. Right now, I would rather listen to Gram than Neil. Right now, if I had to pick only one artist to listen to … Continue reading The Cosmic American Philosophy