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White Album #5 On eBay

The lowest numbered copy of the Beatles’ White Album has been posted on eBay. According to the posting: Some years ago, this album was taken into the collectors shop named ‘Vinyl Revival Records’ in Newbury, Berkshire, England by a musician (they did not disclose who) who had visited John in the flat that he shared … Continue reading White Album #5 On eBay

UK Stereo White Album #0000006 For Sale

Ebay has a listing for an extremely low numbered original White Album. The original pressings of the album were individually numbered and the lowest numbers were held by the Beatles and their closest friends. This #6 was reportedly owned by John Lennon’s driver and bodyguard, Les Anthony. Bidding as of late Friday night is nearing … Continue reading UK Stereo White Album #0000006 For Sale