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Rock Star Gary Benchley’s True Identity Revealed!

What doesn't kill Gary Benchley only makes him rock harder!We’ve all been following the story on The Morning News for months. But now Glorious Noise has made a startling discovery about the real-life true story behind Gary Benchley, Rock Star….

Glorious Noise has discovered that the popular serialized story, “Gary Benchley, Rock Star” on The Morning News is to be published as a novel by Plume Books. According to Amazon the 256-page paperback will be available on September 27, 2005 with a list price of $14. And in case anybody was still unsure, it’s listed under the category of “Fiction – General,” not “Biographies & Memoirs.” The author, after all, is not Gary Benchley, the 23-year-old immigrant to New York, but rather…Paul Ford.

So who is this Paul Ford, and what is he doing writing a book about our hero, Gary Benchley?

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Benchley: The Commitments

The Letters of Gary Benchley, Rock Star: The Commitments – “We had planned to buy our T-shirts from American Apparel, in order to avoid sweatshop labor, but when we saw the prices, we had to compromise on our principles and buy shirts made by little slave children with tiny fingers.”

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