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GLONO Video: The Blacks Reunion Live

The Blacks: Back from the GraveAnother Glorious Noise video feature! In this episode, the Blacks perform “New New Waltzing Blues” and “Fake Out Jesus” live at their July 2006 reunion show in Chicago. And as a special bonus, we’re throwing in a couple videos of other bands you should love.

GLONO Video with the Drams

The DramsThe Drams sat down with Glorious Noise to talk about forming the band out of the ashes of Slobberbone and Budapest One and recording their debut, Jubilee Dive. See the interview and highlights of their Chicago show in this exclusive GLONO video.

GLONO Video with Dirty Pretty Things

Dirty? Check. Pretty? Check...GLONO hosts Dirty Pretty Things for a day in Chicago and gives them an authentic tour of the Windy City with vintage clothes shopping in Wicker Park, hotdogs, and a dip in the great Lake Michigan. Oh, and the band put on a hell of a show…