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Google Blocking Video for Big Business

In addition to being a great repository of long lost videos and concert footage, YouTube was always a great place to find embarrassing footage of your favorite stars. There was a wasted Britney sputtering gibberish in a hotel room; there was Hasselhoff sloshed and sorting through a hamburger; Paula Abdul clearly off her rocker on … Continue reading Google Blocking Video for Big Business

Google Gadget: Touring

I’ve been checking out Google Gadgets lately and most of them are neat, but generally useless, little tools for your desktop. The Touring Gadget might just be on to something though. The description says that it periodically scans your hard drive for music and then synchs up with JamBase to find tour dates for all … Continue reading Google Gadget: Touring

Warner Videos on YouTube, including Wilco

Last year, just before Google bought YouTube, Warner Music announced a deal with YouTube to provide videos in exchange for a slice of the advertising revenue. I had complete forgotten about this until I was looking for video links for Neil Young’s Massey release and stumbled across a couple uploaded by a YouTube user by … Continue reading Warner Videos on YouTube, including Wilco

Labels-Google-YouTube Deal Fucks Musicians

Mark Cuban posts details of the Google/YouTube deal with the major labels via an email from an anonymous digital media veteran. Techdirt breaks it down: • The deal was an investment, not a licensing agreement, meaning all that cash the labels got they don’t actually need to share with the artists they always claim they’re … Continue reading Labels-Google-YouTube Deal Fucks Musicians

Locate open mp3s with Google!

This handy exploitation of Google lets you search the Web for mp3s of just about anyone. It sounds better than it is though as any dope could do a simple Google search and get the same result. But it’s an interesting concept that does all the variants of those searches for you. Via MeFi.