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Where’s Mulder When You Need Him?

Gee, I wonder how this happens? Let’s see. . .CBS is broadcasting the Grammy Awards (Notice: “Grammy” is a registered trademark, so if you have a propensity to refer to an aged maternal relative with that term, beware, you may invoke the wrath of a SWAT team of lawyers) Sunday February 11, and on the … Continue reading Where’s Mulder When You Need Him?

Grammys 2005: Sing it loud.

The new Jacko and his ladyfriendThe 47th Grammy Awards emphasized performers over presenters. Music, of course, more effectively justifies a three hour-plus runtime than the common award show litany of envelopes and air kisses.

Grammys 2004: What a Fool Believes

Andre 3000's left and right nipplesThis year’s Grammys became an unraveling ball of elaborate performance setpieces, distended award receptions, unfinished strings of confused reaction shots and glittering, empty platforms.

Don’t Know Why – The 2003 Grammys

The Glorious Noise compound was alive with laughter after the 45th Annual Grammy Awards concluded last Sunday night. Sure, this year’s show featured numerous artists who made the big decision to actually sing, which is a real milestone, since it happens so rarely anymore. And performances from Eminem, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, James Taylor, and … Continue reading Don’t Know Why – The 2003 Grammys


While there is what seems to be an excess of attention to the feats of Alicia Keys and U2 vis-à-vis the upcoming Grammy Awards®, what is perhaps of more interest is that there are other performers who have been nominated for various awards who have gotten little if any run, probably because many people are … Continue reading Statuesque