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New At The Drive In video: Call Broken Arrow

Video: At The Drive In — “Call Broken Arrow” At The Drive In – Call Broken Arrow (Official Music Video)Watch this video on YouTube From in•ter a•li•a, out now on Rise Records. I’ve gotta admit I still hold a grudge at this band for breaking up and bankrupting Grand Royal. But that was a long … Continue reading New At The Drive In video: Call Broken Arrow

Back to Some Old Bull Shit

The Death of Cool and Grand Royal By Phil Wise Why does everything suck? You may ask yourself that question as you stop into your local Starbucks and pick up a Grande Latte, but you know the answer. Because cool doesn’t sell and this is the United Statistics of Americorp. Last week’s closing of Grand … Continue reading Back to Some Old Bull Shit

GRAND ROYAL, RIP 1993-2001

“Our intentions were always simply to create a home for exciting music and the people who were passionate about it,” Diamond said. “It really sucks that we can’t continue to do that.” That’s Mike D of the Beastie Boys in the press release regarding his Grand Royal record label going out of business today. You … Continue reading GRAND ROYAL, RIP 1993-2001