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Animal Collective Samples Dead

Animal Collective samples the Grateful Dead‘s “Unbroken Chain” on their new Fall Be Kind EP. It’s apparently the first time the band has allowed the use of one of their songs as a sample. New York Magazine talked to Animal Collective’s Geologist about it: We didn’t know that no one had sampled one of their … Continue reading Animal Collective Samples Dead

Rothbury 2009

Rothbury 2009Even indie rock snobs who hate hippies and their music would have had a good time at Rothbury this year.

GLONO at Rothbury

The Grateful Dead-loving contingent of the GLONO Posse has arrived at Rothbury. The crew will be posting updates to Twitter. The first one just arrived: “Entering the Rothbury grounds. Apparently tie dye shirts are still all the rage.” Follow us.

Rothbury Releases Schedule

The Rothbury Schedule is up. I’m sorry, but this looks like the worst festival schedule ever foisted upon the general public. Three and a half hours of unavoidable String Cheese Incident on Friday? Four hours of the Dead on Saturday…with nothing else going on during those four hours? Good god, at least give people an … Continue reading Rothbury Releases Schedule

Being & Otherness

The Max Weinberg 7, Conan O’Brien’s house band, has become far more interesting since Max Weinberg has taken leave of the band. Weinberg, as you may know, is out on tour with the E Street Band, in support of Bruce Springsteen. This observation about interest has nothing to do with the interim leadership of guitarist … Continue reading Being & Otherness


On Tuesday, June 11, Wisconsin’s Walworth County Highway Committee denied Clear Channel Entertainment’s* license request for “Terrapin Station – A Grateful Dead Family Reunion.” You see, Walworth County contains Alpine Valley Music Theatre, a hilly outdoor venue that’s one of the major sheds in the region. It seats approximately 35,000. But Walworth County balked when … Continue reading DEAD REUNION SHOW UP IN SMOKE?