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New Green Day video: Back In The USA

Video: Green Day – “Back In The USA” From Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band, out now on Reprise. Good old Green Day. I remember the first time I saw the “Longview” video 23 years ago I couldn’t believe they let a band so ugly and pimply on MTV. “This is real punk rock,” I said … Continue reading New Green Day video: Back In The USA

Sales: Green Day Doesn't Need Wal-Mart

You won’t find Green Day‘s latest album, 21st Century Breakdown, on the racks at Wal-Mart because “the big box giant declines to stock albums that carry parental advisory stickers” and the band did not release an edited version. But who needs Wal-Mart anyway? Not Green Day, that’s for sure. 21st Century Breakdown still managed to … Continue reading Sales: Green Day Doesn't Need Wal-Mart

The Killers vs. Green Day

Brandon Flowers is a fucking moron. NME has excerpts from The Word‘s cover feature on the Killers, and it’s almost painful to read this dipshit’s sophomoric ideas about Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, and an artist’s role as foreign ambassador. Some examples of his idiocy: “You have Green Day and ‘American Idiot‘. Where do they film … Continue reading The Killers vs. Green Day

Rock and roll erodes the Generation Gap

Rock and roll rebellion, redux – “At a Green Day concert, shouting and smiling next to my 13-year-old son, I watched the generation gap disappear… Billie Joe, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt are much cooler teachers than I am, and I thank them for it.”