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New H.C. McEntire video: Baby’s Got the Blues

Video: H.C. McEntire – “Baby’s Got the Blues”

H.C. McEntire - Baby's Got the Blues (Official Music Video)

Directed by Jared Hogan. From Lionheart, out now on Merge.

I would imagine that H.C. McEntire gets tired of comparisons to Lucinda Williams. But whatever. If you dig Williams’ literary sensuality and soulful vocals, you’re probably going to appreciate McEntire.

Give me a dog in a fight
Call it off or call it God
Call it anything you like
Do you see it in my eyes?

Director Jared Hogan said, “In talking with Heather, we knew that we wanted this video to touch on universal wounds of depression and suffering, but established in a more poetic narrative. We also knew we wanted family and community to play an integral role. All of the subjects in the video are connected to Heather’s life in one way or another, and that was very important to us. The song strikes this beautiful balance between darkness and hope, and we wanted the video to do the same.”

In times of darkness, there’s nothing we need more than some hope.

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New H.C. McEntire video: Quartz in the Valley

Video: H.C. McEntire – “Quartz in the Valley”

H.C. McEntire - Quartz in the Valley (Official Music Video)

From Lionheart, out now on Merge.

This is a cool country song from the frontwoman of Mount Moriah on her first solo album.

McEntire talked to The Grey Estates about the origin of the song:

“Quartz in the Valley” was the first song Kathleen Hanna and I worked on together. […] She said, “Listen to Wanda Jackson. Get inspired.” When Kathleen and I began collaborating, I was personally in a dark place, a lost place, and this song was how I started digging out. I don’t want to give too much away, to define the narrative exclusively; but I will say it began in a very raw, scrupulous way.

One day, I got out of bed at dawn, pulled on my overalls, and walked down to the river. I dug white quartz from the river banks, wheeled them up the hill, barrow after barrow, in a fever. The earth was giving me quartz for free, and I just had to find them. They had been waiting for me, all those years, to pry them out and set them free.

Fellow North Carolinian Alexis Bravos directed the video and said, “The video for ‘Quartz in the Valley’ is an intensely personal view into Heather’s world. I wanted to express the magical feeling of being there, watching her perform in her space which features Lou, the wonder dog.”

Can you feel it in your bones?

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