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New Winnetka Bowling League video: Kangaroo

Video: Winnetka Bowling League – “Kangaroo”

Winnetka Bowling League - Kangaroo (Official Video)

Directed (from home) by Zack Sekuler. Single out now on RCA.

It shows what a dork I am that I know of Winnetka Bowling League as former Regrettes bassist Sage Chavis’ new band, not Hilary Duff’s husband’s band. I didn’t even recognize Duff in her cameo in this video until after I read that it was her. I was just happy to see Chavis working the bass again.

Sage was the Michael Anthony secret weapon in the Regrettes, her backing vocals and muscular bass giving the band an extra somethin-somethin that’s been missing since she’s been gone. Her charisma shines through in the “Kangaroo” video although she doesn’t play on the recording since she “just started playing bass with us and we’ve only had one rehearsal,” Matthew Koma told Percolator. “So this is sort of the first time we’re playing as a band.”

Koma has written songs for Carly Rae Jepsen, Kelly Clarkson, and Shania Twain so the guy is no slouch even if his lyrics are self-deprecating.

I’ve got a bathtub the shape of a swimming pool
A drum set and a Tele that stays in tune
A wife who’s got a better job
She backs me and my indie rock
I’m kidding ‘bout the indie part, I ain’t that cool
But I’m so happy.

That’s a good attitude. Be happy! Refreshing.

Koma says, “‘Kangaroo’ is a song about being okay with yourself. There’s a freedom that comes with no longer allowing the fear of how people see you influence how you see yourself. Also, there’s a descending bridge section that rips off ‘Born To Run’ and lands into some self-indulgent section I wrote after seeing an ELO concert.”

Good for him. It’s probably relatively easy to be okay with yourself when you’re married to a movie star and you own the publishing on a bunch of hits. Still, the sentiment is good. We’re all right where we’re supposed to be.

Winnetka Bowling League: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

Lindsay Lohan: She’s Crafty

HermioneLindsay Lohan fills cups like double D’s. She’s the new Ann-Margaret, a flashing-eyed temptress, with the kind of self-awareness to make the housepets sweat. She’s got timing as an actress, as Freaky Friday and Mean Girls attest. But damn it if her transformation from one-to-ten tweener starlet into certified twenty freak machine is askew from discernable talent and parallel to purity. None of this bodes well for Hilary Duff. For a time quite infamously neck and neck with Lohan – cue kooky “E! News Live” fodder of stage mothers egging opposing cars and hating on their girls’ chinchillas – Duff lately has become the white toast foot patrol to her peer’s fiery salsa Rolls. If Lindsay’s the new Ann-Margaret, Hilary’s this year’s Melissa Joan Hart. It’s the sad ducket truth, even amidst the fog of FCC violations and goody-two-shoesness: We want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.

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