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Hilary Rosen, 10 Years after Napster

Remember Hilary Rosen? She was the CEO of the RIAA back when Napster help peer-to-peer filesharing go mainstream. Rosen was the public face of the most hated organization on the planet, at least as far as nerdy internet people were concerned. She was our punching bag until she retired in 2003, but by then the … Continue reading Hilary Rosen, 10 Years after Napster

Goodnight, My Sweet

Glorious Noise bids a tearful farewell to Hilary Rosen, former CEO of the RIAA. It was supposed to be a routine assignment. All I had to do was get a quote from former RIAA CEO Hilary Rosen about why she stepped down from her position as head of the most hated organization in the world. … Continue reading Goodnight, My Sweet

Back to the Future

The Recording Industry Association of America catches the 80s retro vibe with an attack on its arch nemesis: technology. And just like last time, it’s not only a losing fight but also a misguided philosophy. While the RIAA claims that P2P file sharing is to blame for shitty CD sales (not the fact that the … Continue reading Back to the Future

Choice, Value & Connection

In a recent interview with a USA Today reporter, Hilary Rosen, CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America, said, in reaction to a line of questioning related to the nullification of Napster through the efforts of that group, “Consumers want to know their access to music is going to give them the most choice, … Continue reading Choice, Value & Connection

Napster R.I.P.

Napster is soon to be made irrelevant, forced to give up the things that made it great. Specifically, its price (free) and its user base (lots and lots). This makes me sad. Not for the usual reasons of being cheap and lazy. Although I do feel that the record companies owe me for my years … Continue reading Napster R.I.P.