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Outkast – Mighty O

Stream “Mighty O” by the Outkast: Real, Win. The first single from Idlewild features Andre 3000 and Big Boi rhyming together on the same track for the first time, apparently, since 2000. What do you think? Also: Idlewild Blues.

For What It’s Worth

The Sunday New York Times for November 3 ran a front-page story—below the fold, but still on the front page—on rap music that was undoubtedly assigned as a result of the murder of Jam Master Jay the preceding week. What is striking about the story is that the first person quoted is Bert Padell, “an … Continue reading For What It’s Worth


No matter what the genre, late-night music advertising usually offers you the same product: A compilation of over-licensed tunes packaged with artwork emulating the wares of a Soviet street vendor. Whether it’s Monster Booty, Zamfir, or the infamous Freedom Rock, what you undoubtedly end up with is never as great as it sounded before you … Continue reading I BREAK FOR MONSTERS OF RAP