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Cubic Zirconia is Lacan’s love child, may cause orgasms

Cubic Zirconica's Tiombe LockhartCubic Zirconia at Mercury Lounge

New York, March 3, 2010

Last week I had the good fortune of getting a call from a friend who was an impromptu opener for Cubic Zirconia to “be at Mercury Lounge in 20 minutes to go in on half-priced drinks.” Now that we’ve established that I may have a drinking problem (who travels from Brooklyn to the city for “cheap” drinks?) I’ll go in on this band.

Cubic Zirconia is comprised of front woman Tiombe Lockhart, keyboardist Nick Hook, Daud Sturdivant on guitar and then some new (can’t remember his name, because of the half-priced drinks) really hot dude on the drums. Lockhart walks onto the stage clad in a faintly cooler (it was leopard print) version of an American Apparel tight-ass dress and black stirrup-stockings (no shoes) and purple (genie-in-a-bottle inducing) headgear to boot. Her face was soft yet fiercely striking. Her body has actual meat on it (amen), unlike the throng of equally popular NYC frontwomen.

And then the show begins.

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