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Whadya Lookin’ For?

I'm-a have you nekkid by the end of this song...Search engine Lycos releases its list of top 50 search terms for the year 2004. Glorious Noise examines the list to find a few surprises. And some stuff that’s just plain embarrassing.

Meditations on Janet Jackson’s Right Breast

I'm-a have you nekkid by the end of this song...The Super Bowl is probably about as close to the “bread and circus” aspects of the declining Roman Empire. Everything is there except for the lions. Blood. Sweat. Music. Janet Jackson’s boob.

All For Who?

In our on-going efforts to track the nexus between Big Business and Bigger Business, we’ve discovered still another development. As you may recall, Jaguar had been using rock superslug Sting to promote its cars, demonstrating how the Jag can lull Sting to sweet dreams of rainforests or more song-writing gigs for cartoon movies. But now … Continue reading All For Who?

What’s In a Name?

While looking at The Billboard 200, which, curiously enough, lists the 100 top-selling albums, I happened to notice that the top of the chart listed All For You by Janet Jackson. It opened at #1. But perhaps I’ve missed something, as I am, admittedly, not particularly interested in her music: The listing didn’t include her … Continue reading What’s In a Name?