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Wenner Blackballs Monkees

Peter Tork says the Monkees merit consideration for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but one man opposes their induction. “The only person … holding a grudge is Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone,” says the former Monkee. The magazine editor “has never written a gracious word. He personally has the veto power to keep … Continue reading Wenner Blackballs Monkees

Mediocre Mick

So I actually listened to the songs that Mick’s Web site is streaming from his new album, Goddess in the Doorway: “Visions of Paradise”—Perhaps if Eddie Money had recorded this song in 1988 I might have liked it. “Joy”—Would someone please just kill Bono? “God Gave Me Everything”—At least this song rocks a bit. Would’ve … Continue reading Mediocre Mick