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I Don’t Wanna Worry About Dying

If Greg asks, the show was terrible. Flat, uninspired and certainly not life affirming. Not in the slightest. Greg’s my friend who bought the tickets. Just before Japandroids start tuning up, he gets an SOS text from his wife to come home and help with their very newborn son. Selfless Greg hops in a cab … Continue reading I Don’t Wanna Worry About Dying

Japandroids – Celebration Rock

Japandroids – Celebration Rock (Polyvinyl) The most frustrating thing about Japandroids is that there is barely a hint of complexity, and within the first minute or so of any random song of theirs–be it from Post Nothing or their new sophomore effort Celebration Rock–you’ll have these guys completely figured out. Distorted guitars, driving drums, anthemic … Continue reading Japandroids – Celebration Rock