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Just Try Not to Listen

The level of commerce that is associated with rock and roll is something that is best not thought about. It’s sort of like the old line that you never want to go into the kitchen of a restaurant—regardless of whether it has three Michelin stars or it is a McDonald’s—because you’re likely not to have … Continue reading Just Try Not to Listen

His house is all white!

Video: Young Jeezy and Jay-Z – “My President is Black” (remix, live on January 18, 2009) My President is Black, in fact he’s half white So even in a racist mind he’s half right Even in these racist times we alright My President is Black but his house is all white Rosa Parks sat so … Continue reading His house is all white!

The Grey Album: The Return of Sampling, The End of New Music, and The Fall of Western Civilization

The Grey AlbumDJ Danger Mouse has created the most significant rap album since Paul’s Boutique, and the only one that can lay claim to a significant political stance in the upcoming battle over copyright laws.

Summer Nights and My Radio

Your particular 3-point cred stance is powerless against the successful summer single. You might be a card-carrying avantist who listens exclusively to backwards-sounding Bruce Gilbert solo albums. Maybe the leftist worldbeat pop of NPR’s online shop is your bag. Doesn’t matter. Most every summer, there’ll be a song that transcends genre and demographics, spilling sticky … Continue reading Summer Nights and My Radio